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by B. Keith Simerson and
Michael D. McCormick

From Kathleen Hanold Watland, Ed.D. Graham School of Management, Saint Xavier University

A very timely and powerful book. Simerson and McCormick's perspectives on the job search process provide an insightful, practical, and proactive approach to anyone who may be facing a change in their employment. Simerson and McCormick's book underscores both the initial challenges of the job search as well as the hope and excitement of the new opportunities that await. I consider this book a must-read for HR Professionals, Managers, Adult Educators, and anyone who is considering a job change.


From Stephen H. Rhinesmith, Ph.D. Partner, CDR International

In today's world all of us must see ourselves as marketable personalities. We need to think about how to show up in the right place with the right skills at the right time. Simerson and McCormick explore not just how to survive, but how to succeed in a world where we must all be responsible for our own future.


From Derek Carissimi Vice President, Human Resources and Support Services, Saint Alphonsus Regional Medical Center

In this day and age, Simerson and McCormick's book is not only a good read, it's an essential read! Who among us has not been impacted directly, or via family member or friend, by some aspect of corporate downsizing? It has become an integral part of the American corporate landscape. No matter on which side of the table you may be sitting, if--more likely when--the time comes, the advice offered by Simerson and McCormick is invaluable. Put it on your short list of must read books.


From Michael L. Venn, Ph.D. Board of Directors, Association of Internal Management Consultants

Simerson and McCormick refocus the employment world on the principles upon which this country was founded--dignity and respect. Hard hitting and eye opening, balanced and practical, this book is sure to become a classic! It must be part of every employee's, employer's, consultant's, and educator's library.


From M. Jason Hanold McKinsey & Company

This book should be a part of any organization's exit package for departing employees, and a must-read for any involved in the departure process.


From William Clover, Ph.D. Vice President and Chief Learning Officer, Williams Company

Simerson and McCormick have provided a timely, insightful, and practical guide for everyone--those who have been laid-off and those for whom the time is coming. Preparing yourself for the life of multiple careers and multiple employers is a key skill in the new millennium.


From Joseph E. Martin Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto

This is an important book, not only for those who have been laid off, but also for those who have the unpleasant task of laying people off. It reinforces Jack Welch's dictum that you have to be tough enough to do it, but not so tough that you enjoy it.


From Robert B. Yow Assistant Director, North Carolina Justice Academy

Be sure to add Simerson and McCormick's book to your personal library! It addresses issues, challenges, and opportunities readily applicable to professionals and organizations in both the private and public sectors.