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by B. Keith Simerson and
Michael D. McCormick

In today's economy, job loss very likely will affect each of us at some point in our careers.

This manual is not only for people who have been, or are about to be, fired or laid off; it is for each member of the workforce, because we are all at risk.

Fired, Laid Off, Out of a Job addresses:

  • How to examine and negotiate your termination package
  • How to determine if you need an attorney, and how to select one
  • How to prove your dismissal was inappropriate or illegal
  • How to move from a bad job situation to a better one.

Layoffs used to happen only when times were tough, but even a bustling economy is no protection when positions are eliminated, plants are closed, and jobs are shipped overseas in search of even higher profit margins.

A toolkit for survival and coping with unemployment, this book explains how to minimize your chances of being laid off, how to negotiate the best outcome during the severance process, and how to re-enter the job market from a position of strength.

Not just for employees, this book is also a valuable resource for employers, human resource managers, and outplacement specialists. Just as former employees need to be aware of their rights and options, so should employers be aware of the ramification of their actions. Both employees and employers must protect themselves. This book provides an understanding of the hiring and firing process from both perspectives.

Armed with this knowledge, you will be in a better position to know what to do if you find yourself in a meeting with your organization's outplacement counselor.



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